AAA CELEBRATIONS 2016 (Transcending Boundaries to be "AMAZING") FACT SHEET
One bold, brilliant vision made with many different simultaneous colors.


Listed below are some of the artists that will be celebrated, honored, attending and/or participating in a night of multi-cultural and cross-cultural creative magic filled with memorable moments not soon forgotten.

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TITLE: AAA Celebrations
PURPOSE: Promotion and Celebrating the Following
  Music Celebrating Multi-cultural and Cross-Cultural Worlds
Hollywood's Celebration of Prominent Artists of Asian Descent
HIGHLIGHT: Joint Performances of Artists of Asian & American Artists
  Joint Appearances of Actors/Athletes of Asian and American
DATE: 2016 - link
VENUE: Las Vegas
FORMAT: Musical Performances / Guest Appearances
FEATURES: "Once in a Lifetime" Performances
  Multi-Media and "New Media" Elements Incorporated
  Honoring the Excellence, Vision and Passion of Artists
  Silent Auction
TV TIME: Two Hours
TARGETED DEMOGRAPHICS: Youths and Internet Savvy Audiences
  MultiCultural and Cross-Cultural Audiences
BOARD OF ADVISORS: Diverse, Experience and Successful Members Included to Address the Event's Unique Needs, Requirements and Logistics
CONSULTANTS: Experienced Management to Directly Address the Different Needs Presented by Participating Chinese and Artists Within the Same Program
SUPPORTED CHARITIES: Black Card Special Foundation (link)


Special moments will include "once -in-a-lifetime" music performances, film trailers and appearances by many (i.e. athletes, executives, celebrities, etc.) that are embracing the new worlds of diversity that is fast appraching. within the United States - while serving as an example for the entire world.
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Honoree Categories
This non-competitive Honors Gala will honor artists/leaders for their visionary excellence and the substantial influence in the categories listed below:
  • Actor
  • Athlete
  • Community Leader
  • Entertainment PioneerFilm Director
  • Film
  • Film Director
  • Musician/Group
  • Visual Arts

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    Event Consultants / Board of Advisors
    Experienced and successful producers, management, playwrights and artists are advising the program to assure that the program will achieve the desired highest level of production values. They include people such as the following:
  • Danny O'Donovan: Event Producer
  • Darlene Chan: Music Producer
  • Ken Mok: TV Executive Producer
  • Jay Karas: TV Directors
  • Ken Pedersen: Music Executive
  • Morgan Carey: Music Promoter
  • Calvin Jung: Actor
  • Kimberly King-Burns: Online "Guru"
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    Supported Charities
    In addition to supporting the victims of the Japanese three-headed disaster (earthquake, tsunami and nuclear) - net proceeds will be given to The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) that was founded in 1973 to support cancer research and public education relating to the prevention, early diagnosis, better treatments and ultimately, a cure for cancer. NFCR promotes and facilitates collaboration among scientists to accelerate the pace of discovery from bench to bedside. NFCR is committed to Research for a Cure – cures for all types of cancers. Their website is
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    Targeted Demographics
    Multi-cultural and Cross-Cultural minorities are highly valued communities and consumers. This is acknowledged when minoriities will be 54% of the population by 2050 and minority children will be the majority (54%) by 2023. During this same time period, the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities will increase from 5.1% to 9.2% - which translates into 15.57 million of people will increase to 40.6 million of people.
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    Program Format
    Artists and performances that highlights the creative nirvana that emerges with the intersection of artists of Asian and American descent in the fast-growing multii-cultural, cross-cultural and transnatioanl world. The merging on the above-listed artistry with the emergence of the wide spectrum of "New Media" options will be incorpporated within the program.
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    Sponsorship Opportunities
    Corporate sponsors of AAA Celebrations will able to state that "we're the company that participated in a ‘once in a lifetime’ consummate cultural event that goes beyond just entertainment. Invaluable prestige and branding will result from participating in a night Hollywood's elite will be celebrating the artistry of prominent artists of Asian descent officially highlighting the best the multi-cultural, cross-cultural and transnational worlds have to offer. In this annually televised Honors Gala that highlights the best of the worlds of multi-culturalism, cross-culturalism and transnationlism in eight categories that recognizes their lifetime of contributions to American culture through the performing arts - whether in dance, music, theater, opera, motion pictures or television -along with being a community leader - various options are available to tailor one's images. Since the primary criterion in the selection process is excellence, your product will be equated the same way.
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    Event-Related Activities

    There will be various event-related concerts and after-parties. One of which will be the latest edition of the "Dragon's Roar Music and Arts Festival" that will highlight upcoming music artists, filmmakers, comedians, actors, etc. in a festival-type environment.

    Previously, they have done four programs in the past. The last program featured 15 music acts of Ameircan Asian descent (ranging from rap to rock to pop to r&b - folk), coming from throughout the United States and Singapore (L.A., San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Florida, Seattle, etc.), with multiple film trailers shown between each act, performance artists, comedians and 5 gorgeous female hosts on three stages in the heart of Hollywood (minutes away from the famous Hollywood Cinedome Theater, Amoeba Music Star, etc.).

    In the past - artists have come from Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. The Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Cambodian, Hmong, Singaporian, Indonesian and Vietnamese communities have had their artists represented in the event. The purpose of this event is to provide a venue for talented, focused and visionary artists of Asian descent a platform for their voices to be heard.

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