One bold, brilliant vision made with many different simultaneous colors.

Corporate sponsors of AAA Celebrations will able to state that "we're the company that participated in a ‘once in a lifetime’ consummate cultural event that goes beyond just entertainment. Invaluable prestige and branding will result from participating in a night Hollywood's elite will be celebrating the artistry of prominent artists of Asian descent officially highlighting the best the multi-cultural, cross-cultural and transnational worlds have to offer. In this annually televised Honors Gala that highlights the best of the worlds of multi-culturalism, cross-culturalism and transnationlism in eight categories that recognizes their lifetime of contributions to American culture through the performing arts - whether in dance, music, theater, opera, motion pictures or television -along with being a community leader - various options are available to tailor one's images. Since the primary criterion in the selection process is excellence, your product will be equated the same way.

With this 2-hour annually televised Honors Gala becoming the quintessential highlight for a lifetime's endeavor of representing the best of the fast-approaching worlds of multi-culturalism, cross-culturalism and transnationalism, your company's association with the event provides a long-term ability to build and/or strengthened your relationship with the above-listed influential audiences and consumers. With this event being without disappointments and without competition - along with being devoted to illuminating the lives and careers of beloved artists by paying tribute to these preeminent artists with performances by the great stars - together and separately - it will continue the established patterns of program with unique and visionary-edge performances receiving rating that are on an upward spiral, contrary to the trend of many other similar pargrams. 

Excellent production values (including providing the necessary "star power" will be attained to assure that the maximum effectiveness of your financial participation by the event's "Board of Advisors" (that includes a broad and diverse spectrum of successful people) and experienced consultants. This event management team includes Darlene Chan (Festival Productions/Playboy Jazz Festival/Verizon Music Festival), Ken Mok (UPN’s and highest-rated syndicated program “American's Next Top Model," ABC Comedy Development), Andee Kuroda/Jay Karas (MTV Movie Awards, Paul McCartney 2004 Tour, Dixie Chicks 2004 Tour), Benjamin Chen (producer of Special Olympics' Closing Ceremonies and "Live Earth" Shanghai), Calvin Jung (Actor who's worked with Jet Li, Danny Glover, George C. Scott, Meryl Streep, etc.), Morgan Carey (successful music management and Mariah Carey's brother), Ray Murphy Jr. (Former President of Eddie Murphy Productions) and others. The event's believe that their wide spectrum of interest and expertise is the prequiste to assuring this annual program's high leve success.

This program patterned afther the "Kennedy Center Honors" program with a MTV/New media flair will be seen throughout the United States, China and Asia through various broadcast options that include television (prominent cable, network and satellite outlets) and online (online-streaming, podcasts, etc.) – along with various other “new media” outlets. “On-Air” telecasts and live events have driven traffic to network and/or designated websites. Movie Awards content boosted unique visitors by 205% the day of the show and 159% the day after the show. A&E's 24-hour live webcast of the Criss Angel Mindfreak Cement Block event in New York's Times Square resulted in over 115,000 visits to, the highest trafficked day of 2007. To emphasis and cement the strong creative ties and influences, this annual program alternates from being held in the United States and in China/Asia. AAA Celebrations will be financially supporting various performing arts, education, and outreach programs - of which, the 2090 program ("A New Day" Celebration - link) will be supporting the National Fund for Cancer Research (NFCR) and the Asian Fund for Cancer Research (link).

With the slowing economy increasing pressure for maximum exposure from every market dollar - especially considering the recent credit crunch that is applying even greater pressure, we look forward to discussing the many benefits afforded your company upon your participation. Feel free to contact us at with any questions involving your potential involvement and interest.


Time Buys
"30 Second" & "15 Second" Commercial Spots are available with each broadcast of the program on the various broadcast platforms
Opportunities to be branded with certain aspects of the program (i.e. After-Party, Press Conference, video clps of the honorees, Honoree Category, etc.). Each branding opportunity provides an "Exclusivity" factor that will only identifiy one corporate sponsor per branding option.
Event Signage

Your message/logo can be viewed at the program, along with other event-related activities (After-Party, Pre-Party, Press Conferences, "Meet and Greet" sessions, etc. - within the venues' accepted parameters. Level of sponsorship participation will decide the priority of the placement of the banner provided by the "Sponsor."

Print Media

Logo and/or name can appear on all display advertising, press releases, articles, interviews, posters, TV promos and other released materials related to the Event. The priority, availability and placement is based on the level of sponsorship participation.

Online and Traditional Merchandising

DVDs, CDs, Clothing sales

Cross Promotion

Ability to cross promote to all the concert-goers during the program and related events. The priority of the number of products and fashion will be decided upon the level of corporate sponsorship participation.

Event Seats

Seats at the event, after-party and press conferences - number, location and availability is subject to the level of sponsorship participation. The available tickets will be given in order of the level of corporate sponsorship participation.

Program Website

Logo and/or name - with a link - will be placed on the event's website.The logo, videos and/or content will be provided by the "Sponsor." Various sponsors will be grouped together in specific sections while the higher level of corporate sponsors will be highlighted in the most visited pages.

Press Conference

Opportunities to receive exclusive national and international media interview opportunities and/or verbal acknowledgement/announcement during some and/or all of the Event’s Press Conferences, along with having one's information included within the "Media Kits that will be given out (see below for more info) – dependent on the level of sponsorship..

On-Air Announcements

Opportunity to be acknowleded publicly during the broadcast are available. The time and nature of the announcement will be decided by the level of corporate sponsorships.

Media Press Kit

Opportunity to have your company's information included within the "Official Press Kit." They will be given out at the above-listed "Press Conference" - along with being provided to media requests to those outlets unable to attend the "Press Conference."

Event Program

Opportunity to have your name and/or logo within the "Event Program." The number of pages depended on the level of participation.

New Media presentations

Message will be seen through PDAs, Cell Phones, Blogs, Ring Tones, Ads, etc.



Title Sponsor

As "Title Sponsor," everyone who hears or reads about the Event will clearly identify it with TITLE SPONSOR's products or service. By incorporating COMPANY’S name & logo into the top of the event’s logo, the Title Sponsor will be prominently featured.
The benefits include the following:
1) Time Buys; 2) Press Conference; 3) Print Advertising;
4) V.I.P. Seats; 5) Event Website placement; 6) Advertising;
7) TV Announcement; 8) Media Press Kit inclusion; 9) Signage;
10) Event Program ads and: 10) Cross Promotion opportunities.

As "Co-Sponsor," your product or service will benefit from category exclusivity and numerous promotional opportunities. Your name and/or logo will listed directly below the event's logo and the "Title Sponsor" to reinforce name recognition and/or brand awareness.
The benefits include the following:
1) Time Buys; 2) Advertising 3) Print Advertising;
4) V.I.P. Seats; 5) Event Website; 6) Press Conference;
7) TV Announcement; 8) Media Press Kit; 9) Signage;
10) Event Program ads and: 10) Cross Promotion opportunities.
Honoree Category Sponsor

As "Honoree Sponsor," everyone who hears or reads about the specific Honoree Selection will clearly identify it with your name and products/services. The placement and priority will be either below and/or after the "Title Sponsor" and "Co-Sponsor" - or placed in a specific section dedicated to all "Honoree Category" sponsors. The choices include Music, Film, Actor, Film Director, Athlete, Entertainment Pioneer and Community Leader.
The benefits include the following:
1) Time Buys; 2) "Honoree Category" Branding; 3) Print Advertising;
4) Seats; 5) Event Website placement; 6) Press Conference;
7) Cross Promotion; 8) Media Press Kit inclusion; 9) Signage;
10) Event Program and: 11) TV Announcement/Video Tribute;

Category Sponsor
"Category Sponsors" are essential to the success to the Event that includes “category exclusivity. By incorporating your name and/or logo onto the specific category will clearly identify it with your name and products/services. The placement and priority will be either below and/or after the "Title Sponsor," "Co-Sponsor" and "Honoree Category. The choices include After-Party, Pre-Party, "Meet and Greet" sessions, Special Performances, Poster, Event Program, Seminars, CDs/DVDs, etc.
The benefits include the following:
1) Time Buys; 2) "Category" Branding 3) Print Advertising;
4) V.I.P. Seats; 5) Event Website placement; 6) Press Conference;
7) TV Announcement; 8) Media Press Kit inclusion; 9) Signage;
10) Event Program and: 10) Cross Promotion opportunities.
Contributing Sponsor
"Contributing Sponsors" are strategic to the long-standing success of the Event. This category is intended for supporting organizations whose financial resources are met at this sponsorship level while still receiving a prominent presence.
The benefits include the following:
1) Time Buy; 2) Print Listing as "Contributing Sponsors;" 3) Seats;
4) Event Website listing; 5) Press Conference Annoucement; 6) Signage;
7) Event Program listing 8) Media Press Kit (Info included) and:
9) Cross Promotion opportunities at the After-Party.
Community Sponsor
"Community Sponsors" are a prerequisite of our commitment to the supporting community organizations. Their presence and opportunities to connect with like-mnded and supporting people provides the foundation for the Program's long-term success. To highlight their participation, their below-listed location will be located within the designated "Community Sponsors" section of all advertising
The benefits include the following:
1) Advertising; 2) Press Conference Announcement;
3) Press Kit; 4) Verbal Announcement at After-Party;
5) Event Website listing;   6) Signage at "Pre-Party" and "After-Party;"
7) "Specially Discounted" Tickets;   8) Event Program listing and::
9) Cross Promotion opportunities at the After-Party/Pre-Party.


How Arts Sponsorship Can Increase Your Business

By associating yourself with an unique and inaugural “once in a lifetime” program where high-profiled Hollywood celebrities honors the accomplishments from the Asian/Asian Pacific American communities, you will be enhancing your company's image; you will differentiate yourself from the rest of the market by offering 'extra-value', the things that money cannot buy, e.g. dinners with the stars; signed programs and CDs with personal dedications.

Minorities Growing Influence in the U.S.
Minoriities will be 54% of the population by 2050
Minorities will consisit of 235.7M of 439M people in 2050
Minority children will reach 54% by 2023
Hispanic Communities
  • Population will increase from 15% to 30%
  • Population will increase from 46.7M to 132.8M People

  • Black Communities
  • Population will increase from 14% to 15%
  • Population will increase from 41.17M to 65.7M People

  • Asian/Asian Pacific American Communities
  • Population will increase from 5.1% to 9.2%
  • Population will increase from 15.57M to 40.6M People

  • Working-Age Minority Population
  • Exceed 59% in 2039
  • Exceed 55% in 2050
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    You can also fulfill your Corporate Social Responsibility as part of your sponsorship package via master classes, rehearsals, seminars, etc. can be set-up where schools or specific groups may attend.
    Cost Effective Marketing
    By clarifying your objectives, Arts Sponsorship can be better targeted and more cost-effective than traditional advertising or public relations.
    Corporate Entertainment
    The event offers a generous number of the best seats in the house and priority booking for any additional seats you may require. For your post-concert reception we can arrange cocktails & canapés or seated gourmet meals to suit your requirements. Invitations will be extended to the artists that you may wish to attend your private event and to arrange for your clients to meet the artists after the concert, when they may receive CDs and programs signed with personal dedications.
    Visibility and Profile
    As a Program or Event Sponsor, you will receive advertisements and acknowledgements in all concert programs, brochures, publicity leaflets and posters, as well as advertisements for the concerts on radio and in national newspapers. You may also receive media coverage on the radio and TV along with high-profile editorials in national newspapers. Exhibition space will be available to you at your events. Successful Sponsorship will build business.
    Meeting Selected Artists
    An intimate meeting and/or performance with selected artists could be arranged to help important clients penetrate a new market, or can be used to thank existing clients and employees: you can give them discounted tickets or even the best seats in the house. At the after-concert party new links can be formed and new ties made, creating and strengthening loyalty to your company. This could be a night that your clients would never forget.
    Television Ratings
    Why (Words of Bill Bradley)
    To encourage contributions to our Nation's future from Americans of Asian descent requires a commitment from each of us to get beyond the stereotypes, to move past simplistic discussions of race relations which only recognize black and white, to realize the depth and diversity of the many different people we call Asian-Pacific-Americans, to reach out to the Asian-American physicist in New Mexico, garment worker in San Francisco, doctor in New Jersey, restaurant owner in Chicago, and teacher in Los Angeles,to recognize that the surnames Nguyen, Patel, and Chang are just as American as Kennedy, Johnson, and Bush,to speak out against anti-Asian talk and violence where we hear or see it,to realize that contact brings understanding, and like my roommate in college, prejudice withers in an air of friendship. And when that happens, Americans from Asia will be a living, contributing, and integrated part of American life. And we will, in every way, be a richer society because of it

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