Event Consultants

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Danny O'Donovan - Event Producer
He has worked with Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Sammy Davis Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Ray Charles, Count Basie, B.B. King, Sarah Vaughan, James Brown, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry. He has produced concerts with artists such as the Jackson Five, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations and Lionel Richie & the Commodores along with promoting/producing concerts and tours with The Who, Pink Floyd, Tonny Bennett, Harry Belafonte, Johnny Mathis, Tina Turner, Yanni, The Doobie Brothers, Frank Sinantra/Liza Minnelli/Sammy Davis Jr.'s "The Ultimate Event/Tour" and Rod Stewart. Produced the first-ever concerts by a western artist at the Taj Mahal in India and the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.
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Darlene Chan - Artist Consultant
She has been producing festivals with George Wein and Festival Productions, Inc. for more than three decades. As an associate producer, Darlene bears major responsibility for the Playboy Jazz Festival's successful outcome (along with other Mercedes Benz Wave Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, Essence Music Festival, Verizon Music Festival and others) that includes extraordinary preparation and behind-the-scenes work.
Ken Pedersen - Executive Consultant
This former Senior Vice-President of Virgin Records Worldwide had responsibilities of overseeing the international success of all the artists on the roster of the label. He directly interfaced with prominent artists along with their team of agents, managers, producers, p.r. people, media, etc. His interest in international artists is seen when he was the Executive Producer and Promoter of the Twelve Girls Band's first tour in the United States that was a great success.
Morgan Carey - Artist Consultant
Mariah Carey's brother has great expertise with artist development, event production, public relations and promotion. Throughout his career, he has interfaced with prominent American artists in providing advice and consultation. His interest in artists of Asian descent can be noted in the American success of "Skull" - a South Korean reggae/hip-hop artist. He guided his career to where his music charted very high in Billboard's R&B Single Chart.
Alex Tsao - Chinese Entertainment Consultant
This CEO of Reve Entertainment had produced and directed more than 20 music videos, short films and commercials in his first year at his first company in Taiwan. His current activities include producing TV programs, commercials and multi-camera live productions. This direction broadens its production range and step into more entertainment business such as concert promotion, movie production and equipment sales. This has led him to be involved with the following projects (among many others): 1. Jacky Chan Charity Concert
2. Shanghai Ballet's "Butterfly Lovers" US Tour.
3. Lang Lang Piano Concert
4. "The Same Song Concert"
5. "May Day" Concert Tour
6. Jacky Wu Concert
7. Travel Bureau of Thailand
8. Travel Bureau of Korea
9. "The Unceased Fire" Special, KSCI channel 18
10. "Living USA" Weekly, ETTV
11. "Complete Entertainment" daily program, SETI TV, Taiwan
Ken Mok - Producing Consultant
Co-Executive Producer (with Tyra Banks) of the top-rated syndicated show on UPN entitled "America's Next Top Model." His career included stints as ABC's Director of Comedy Series Development (oversaw Margaret Cho's All American Girl, Spin City and Drew Carey Show) and Vice-President of MTV Television Productions prior to the start of his Ten by Ten Entertainment Company..
Jay Karas and Andee Kuroda - Directing Consultant
They have produced/directed visually stunning, comedically-infused, highly-original programming such as Obourne Family Christmas Special for MTV and Premiere Magazine's "Women in Hollywood" (an annual one hour awards special for AMC and WE). They have produced numerous awards/variety specials for AMC, VH1 and the WB, working with a multitude of Oscar and Emmy winning talents as hosts, presenters, and short film actors.
Benjamin Chen - Chinese Enteretainment Consultant
His recent events that include the Special Olympics' Closing Ceremonies (producer), "Live Earth" Shanghai (producer) - included the performance of Sarah Brightman, obtained the exclusive BOCOG authorization to produce U.S. events celebrting the Beijing Olympics, Twelve Girls Band PBS Special (producer)and other high-profiled events.
Ollie Brown - American Entertainment Consultant
As a producer, songwriter or performer - he has participated with the following artists: Michael Jackson (“BAD” / "Greatest Hits: HIStory, Vol 1" and “Moon Walker Video”), Steve Wonder (Recording and Touring - 1972-1976), Quincy Jones (“Back On The Block”), Patti Austin (“Patti Austin”), Sly and the Family Stone ("Who in the Funk Do You Think You Are: The Warner Bros"), James Ingram (“It’s Your Night”), James Brown (“Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”), Rolling Stones (“Black & Blue” and “Love U Live”), KC and The Sunshine Band (“Get Down To Night”), Ray Parker,Jr. (“Ghostbusters” / “The Other Woman” / “Rock On” / “A Woman Needs Love” / “Jack & Jill” / "I'm Free"), 2 PAC (“Still I Rise”), Kool and The Gang (“Celebration”), The Jacksons (“Triumph”), Pat Boone (“Pat Boone R&B Classics”), Bill Cosby ("Bill Cosby is Not Himself These Days"), Grease (Original Soundtrack), Temptations (“A Song for You”), Denice Williams ("Love Songs"), Joe Cocker (“I Can’t Stand A Little Rain”), Rick James (“You and I”), Billy Preston (“Nothing From Nothing”) and Smokey Robinson (“Keep My Light”)
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Ray Murphy Jr. - Actor Consultant

This former President of Eddie Murphy Productions has built strong relationships with prominent Black actors and artists - along with strenghening his relationship with Hollywood's main power brokers and producers. He has long supported the creative merger and intersection of talents from artists of Asian and American descent.

This event addresses and supports the views of this article. believes the words that were stated in this article.
A brief excerpt is listed below. To read the entire article, click HERE

The racial diversity and multicultural world that our children see every day - in school, at sporting events, at the doctor’s office – are not currently visible on prime time, when they are most likely to be watching television. Recognizing that 40% of American youths are children of color should and must create an environment of plurality. Given the lack of a clearly defined majority group in today’s Hollywood, non-traditional casting or blind-casting - as defined by David Henry Hwang as the point where Jonathan Pryce can play Asian without causing a protest, but only if James Earl Jones can play Italian and B. D. Wong can play a Jew should apply to any and all media entities that want to stay successful – creatively and financially.

Sadly, when it comes to race and culture, people don't listen; they go in with their minds made up . . . . and then try to batter the other side with their opinions. This professional attitude was clearly evident at a recent event where Michael Lynton (Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment), when asked what the next ten years held for Hollywood as a business, stated in essence that the people who had run Hollywood "in 1920" were still running it now and would still be running it "ten years from now."

We wonder how long it will take the rest of the world to understand, as Steven Spielberg, Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wicks have appropriately noted that “the creative process of casting has traditionally allowed filmmakers the freedom to choose the most talented, skilled and renowned actors for each role. . . Criticizing a film because of an actor's birthplace or race is as ugly as it is wrong.” We hope that their insight will be an invaluable catalyst to identify much-needed changes in Hollywood’s mentality while providing opportunities for prominent artists of Asian descent in future non-traditional/color-blind casting choices in future successful projects.

Board of Advisors

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David Henry Hwang - Prominent Playwright
Prominent/Acclaim playwright wrote the Obie Award-winning FOB, M Butterfly (Drama Desk Award, John Gassner Award, Tony Award & "Pulitzer Prize for Drama" nominee), Disney's Aida (4 Tony Awards), Flower Drum Song (Tony Nomination) and many others. Awarded Rockefeller Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, member of the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities, served by appointment of President Clinton on the President's Committee for the Arts and the Humanities and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. He's worked with Elton John, Phillip Glass, Bright Sheng, Prince, Phil Collins and Howard Shore.
Calvin Jung - Acclaim Actor
This film/theater actor was seen in movies (i.e. Lethal Weapon 4, Robocop, American Ninja 3, The Challenge & The Day After), theater (Sly Fox/George C. Scott, F.O.B./David Henry Hwang, Phoenix Repertory Theater/Meryl Streep, John Lithgow and Barry Bostwick) and in television (Kate Brasher, Providence, Sunset Beach, Native Son, Cheers, Trapper John M.D., etc.). In addition - he has worked with Marlon Brando, Arthur Penn, Hector Elizondo and Jet Li..
Morgan Carey - Producer
Mariah Carey's brother is a prominent music development executive and producer whose recent efforts have helped South Korean reggaie/hip-hop artist "Skull" reach the heights of the Billboard Singles Chart..
Darlene Chan - Playboy Jazz Festival Producer
She has been producing festivals with George Wein and Festival Productions, Inc. for more than three decades. As an associate producer, Darlene bears major responsibility for the Playboy Jazz Festival's successful outcome (along with other Mercedes Benz Wave Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, Essence Music Festival, Verizon Music Festival and others) that includes extraordinary preparation and behind-the-scenes work.
Ken Mok - Co-Executive Producer of "Next Top Model"
Co-Executive Producer (with Tyra Banks) of the top-rated syndicated show on UPN entitled "America's Next Top Model." His career included stints as ABC's Director of Comedy Series Development (oversaw Margaret Cho's All American Girl, Spin City and Drew Carey Show) and Vice-President of MTV Television Productions prior to the start of his Ten by Ten Entertainment Company..
Kimberly King-Burns - CEO of CONVERGENZ/Solutions
Senior and founding partner of CONVERGENZ/Solutions. Her expertise spans marketing, communications, journalism, and electronic media in the entertainment, multimedia, and technology industries to the event. Her analysis of retail new media trends has been in Billboard Magazine, SN Magazine, Video Business Magazine, Perfect Vision, and Computer Life (U.S. and U.K. editions).
Ray Murphy Jr. - Former President of Eddie Murphy Productions
Chairman & CEO of Sands Street Entertainment (SSE) who's responsible for SSE's operations throughout North America, Vice President of People Of Color Entertainment (POC) a promotion company for live concerts/straight to DVD concerts & Co-Founder and President of The African -American Comedy Association. He was President of Eddie Murphy Productions for two years and Vice President for seven years resulting in interfacing/negotiating deals with peoplesuch as Michael Ovitz (CAA) and Jerry Lewis Productions. While President he oversaw $50M+ features such as "Another 48 Hours", "Dr. Doolittle", "Metro", "Life" and "Beverly Hills Cop 3..
Eugene Boggs - SAG Board Member and Advocate
Past member of the Screen Actors Guild's (SAG) board, Board of Directors of the Cultural Environment Movement (CEM), Board of Directors of the Screen Actors Guild, Board of Directors of the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Southern California, Board of Directors of the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, Beverly Hills-Hollywood Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Community Advisory Committee of the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency's Crenshaw Corridor Redevelopment Project (8th Council District)..
Dr. Simon Chang - TV & Film Producer
TV/Film Producer who has won various awards for "Best Screenplay" (Golden Bell Awards/2001) and "Best Art Direction (Golden Bell Awards/2001). He has been the organizer (China Week) at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Principal at Taiwanese Film Festival in Vienna Austria, Music Director at Indogo Skies Music, Music Director/Comper for "April Rhapsody" (TV Series), Producer of "Fleeing by Night" (Feature Film), Producer of the program "New Vision of the 21st Century," Producer of "Fingers" (Feature Film), Producer of "Little Hero" (3D Animation Feature), Producer/Director/Music Director of "Death Game of Mr. DotCom" (TV Film), Producer/Director, Music Director and Composer of "Crystal Lover" (TV Series), Producer/Director, Music Director/Composer of "Star Sand" (TV Film), Principal in "Cages" with Broadband Films..
Harvest L. Smith - NBC - Universal Cable Executive
Director of Affiliate Sales and Relations for Universal Television and responsible for the distribution/marketing of the company's family of networks such as USA Networks, SciFi Channel, TRIO and NWI. Previously was head of the Basketball Marketing and Sales division for ASICS Tiger Corp. and Black Entertainment Television (BET)...
David Earl Honig - CEO of Minority Media and Telecommunications Council
Co-founder and Executive Director of Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) - whic is the principal organization conducting rulemaking and policy litigation before the FCC on behalf of national minority and civil rights organizations..
Benjamin Chen - CEO of C&S Media
Founded C&S Media International in 1988. His company participates in music industry/videos, movies (via working with Universal Studio, Paramount Pictures, Shanghai TV & China Center TV Station/CCTV), television (300 TV episodes), promoted numerous U.S. companies expanding their business into China, U.S./China cultural exchanges (C&S organized 3 US government economical and culture delegations to China) and set up Sister/Friendship City relationship between Hollwood and United States. His latest activities include being the only person authoirized by the Beijing Olympics Committee Organization Committee (BOCOG) to produce events in the United States to celebrate the Beijing Olympics, producing the Special Olympics' Closing Ceremonies, he produced "Live Earth" Shanghai that featured a galaxy of Chinese stars while including Sarah Brightman, executive-produced the Twelve Girls Band PBS Special that was shot in Shanghai and other high-profiled events.
Sam Baldoni - "Production Placement" Pioneer
Pioneered "product placement" in the entertainment industry. Baldoni launched Baldoni Entertainment on Steven Spielberg's "Gremlins". Since its inception in 1983, Baldoni Entertainment has worked with every major studio on such films as; Back to the Future, Moonstruck, Lethal Weapon, Top Gun, Driving Miss Daisy, Ghostbusters, Scent of a Woman, Pretty Woman, The Firm, The Fugitive, Twins, Beverly Hills Cop II, Patriot Games, A Few Good Men, The Birdcage, Jerry Maguire, My Best Friend's Wedding, Charlie's Angels, Spiderman and countless others..
Oscar Arslanian - Former President of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
Former President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. As president of Arslanian & Associates, Inc., a Hollywood-based public relations firm specializing in entertainment and tourism marketing - along with product placement w/clients such as Cross Pen Co, Dole Foods, Frederick's of Hollywood, Cross time pieces and TSR Wireless.
Karim Hamaqoui - President of Innovative Productions
His clients include Cessna Aircraft, Kraft Foods, Ralph Lauren Polo, United Artists, The Creative Artist Agency and others. In the past - he has worked with the Association of Latin Professionals in Finance & Accounting, Channel 18 (KSCI-TV), Latin Business Association, CAA, Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo.Com and Uno Productions.
Sheeraz Hasan - CEO of Tinseltown TV
Rowland Perkins, founder of CAA, describes Sheeraz Hasan as the gateway (through his program "Tinseltown TV that airs in 80 countries) to Bollywood-the nickname for India's thriving film industry. His talk show broadcasts to 500 million people in India, Iran, and elsewhere in the Middle East with a long list of interviews with "A-List" Hollywood stars regarding their spiritual (The Spiritual Side of Hollywood Segment) and entertainment lives..
Silas Deane - National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCO)

Silas Deane (Si) serves as President and CEO after his previous firm, Deane Communications Group, was acquired by Logic Media Group in 1999. Prior to joing Logic Media Group, Si supervised marketing communications and media strategies for clients Columbia/HCA, the National Foundation for Cancer Research, John Templeton Foundation and the TriStar Health System while working with Atkinson Public Relations.

Logic Media Group (LMG) operated as a full-service marketing and public relations firm in the United States. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. (link - link - link - link)

J. Lee - Producer

He has worked with American music artists such as Don Was, Brian Wilson, Rob Wasserman, Brandy, Sam Phillips, Tower of Power horns, Ed Cherney, Carl Wilson, Temptations, Van Dyke Parks, members of Toto, members of Bonnie Raitt Band, Paul Jackson Jr., the famous"Waters" singers and many others.

Within the Asian Scene, he has worked with/produced/directed events that includes Stephanie Sun, Alan Tam/The Wynners, Adam Cheng, Lisa Wang, Eraserheads, Gary V., Alex To, Jenny, Ai (JPop star), Jay Chou, Sharon Cunneta, Olivia (JPop star), Kuh Ledesma and others. With the below-listed Beijing Olympics involvement, he has worked directly with CCTV - along with Beijing and Shanghai TV.

Within the film/television/theaterdance industry - he's worked with and/or at Hermes Pan, Eugene Loring, Gower Champion, Burt Bacharach, Stanley Holden, MGM, Cannon Pictures, South Pacific (theater), Pathe, Sony Pictures, Bolshoi Ballet, Most Happy Fella (theater), Bobby Van, Bessie Loo, Gwen Virdon, George Chakaris, 20th Century Fox, ABC, CBS, Disney (Corporate and on the lot), Gilmore Girls (television program), Flower Drum Song (theater), Lost Horizon (film), King & I (theater), Danny Robinson (APA) and others. His past positions within the film/television industry have included "needle drops," film's completion bond/insurance, strategic planning, film budgets, agent assistant, scrip reader, casting consultant, booking, etc.

He has been involved with numerous community events (i.e. Lunar New Year, Tet Festivals, Moon Festivals, etc.) with the Asian American communities with sponsors such as Denny's Restaurants/Advantica, Pacific Bell/a SBC Company, The Gas Company/Sempra Energy Industry, AT&T Wireless, LA Dodgers, International Channel/KSCI, 99 Market, Mercedes Benz and Bridgecreek Development.

His participation with events celebrating the Beijing Olympics include a concert extravaganza at the Inglewood Forum (link) that featured Stephanie Sun (well-known artist in China/Asia), official BOCOG media event at Universal Studioes' "Global Village," CCTV-distributed programs produced at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and many others.

He has interviewed Lea Salonga, Wayne Wang, Carrine Ann Inaba, Unsuk Chin, David Henry Hwang, Stephen Chow, Ken Mok and other prominent industry giants for US Asians.


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