Fast-Rising Prominence of Artists of Asian Descent

The fast-growing influence of artists of Asian descent has been seen throughout the entire entertainment industry that includes the areas of film, television, theater, music, art, dance and fashion - along with sports. Entertainment visionaries such as Blackeye Peas' "Will.I.Am" predicts that their group's Filipino member Allen Pindea (aka " will be the star of the group in 2027. He states "The reason is China," the rapper said, launching into a long explanation of Pineda's superstar status in his native Philippines and how global population patterns and the hunger for Pacific rim pop culture will push Pineda to the front of the band.
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Prominent artists (and athletes) of Asian descent is a fast-growing force representing the intersection and creative mergers of an upcoming world of transnantalism featuring corss-cultural and multi-cultural visionary artists. Artists such as Blackeye Peas' apl.d.ap, Margaret Cho, Daniel Dae Kim, P.O.D., Michelle Kwan, Chad Hurley, M. Night Shyamalan, Michelle Wie, Aishwarya Rai-Bacchan, Sarah Chang, Maggie Q, David Henry Hwang, Keanu Reeves, Norah Jones, Tak Fujimoto, Ang Lee, Gong Li, Sandra Oh, Kent Nagano, Lea Salonga, Ben Kingsley, Linkin Park, Norah Jones, Jackie Chan, Sujin Pak, Tiger Woods and Yoyo Ma are among some of the prominent trailblazers.


Prominent Artists of Asian Descent
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Rob Marshall/Steven Spielberg ("Memoirs of a Geisha") Gwen Stefani ("Hanjuku Girls") Grey's Anatomy (Sandra Oh) Harry Potter (Cho Chang/Katie Leung) ABC's "Lost" (Daniel Dae Kim) ABC's "Lost" (Yunjin Kim)
Charlie's Angels/All McBeal (Lucy Liu) Jay-Z (Linkin Park) Lions Gate Saw 1 & 2 (James Wan) Dukes of Hazzard (Jay Chandrasekhar) Quentin Turrantino (John Woo/Tony Jaa) Placido Dominto (Kent Nagano)
Vietnam Veteran's War Memorial (Maya Lin) Luc Besson (Jet Li) MTV (Suchin Pak/Margaret Cho) John Williams/Iztak Perlman (Yoyo Ma) Battlestar Galatica (Grace Park) NBC's "Heroes" (Masi Oka)
Phil Collins/Elton John (David Henry Hwang) John Cusak ("Shanghai" / Gong Li) Joan Allen/Nicolle Kidman (Wong Kar Wai) "Sixth Sense" (M. Night Shyamalan) Disney (Brenda Song) Coachella Festival (M.I.A.)
James Wong Howe (Cinematographer/"The Rose Tatoo") Sessue Hayakawa ("The Cheat") Bruce Lee ("Enter the Dragon") C.Y. Lee ("Flower Drum Song") James Shigeta ("Walk Like a Dragon") Bessie Loo (Longtime Agent)
Miyoshi Umeki ("Sayonara"/Academy Award) Nancy Kwan ("Flower Drum Song") Anna May Wong ("Picadilly") Keye Luke (Tthe Good Earth") Richard Loo ("God is My Co-Pilot") Philip Ahn ("Daughter of Shanghai")
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