Celebrating the Beijing Olympics

In 2009 - Officially celebrating the "One World One Dream" vision of the 2008 Beijing Olympics by featuring a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience featuring participating Chinese athletes/artists celebrating China's worldwide proclamation of being accepted as a member of the worldwide community of countries. In a continuation, merging and support the Beijing Olympics' vision of "One World One Dream" with AAA Celebrations - this event will feature Hollywood's celebration of prominent artists of Chinese/Asian descent through performances separately and together between Chinese, Asian and American artists. AAA Celebrations is a Honors Gala that will be long remembered by bringing extra excitement, relieving historic memories and bringing the visionary dreams of China to the forefront of working together with the United States and world. All this will occur on the first Lunar New Year Holidays after the 2008 Beijing Olympics. "All people, regardless of ethnicity or nationality, are united by a desire to enjoy life, and those desires supersede differences and bind us together" - This is truly the vision of "One World One Dream."

This historic moment in time is the only authorized concert to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the United States. Through the efforts of Benjamin Chen - a member of the event's Board of Advisor - AAA Celebrations has the privileged of having the written documentation confirming the endorsement of the Beijing Olympics Committee/BOCOG and the United States Olympics Committee/USOC.

This program will attract a great number of people to cheer for China's unprecedented 32 gold medals at the Olympic Games while enjoying the music of prominent artists from China (playing along with well-known American artists). This night recognizes and celebrates that China's sports have became closer than ever to entertainment - along with other related activities such as concerts, theater and gambling. This night features Hollywood celebrating prominent artists of Asian/Chinese descent. This night officially acknowledges China's entry in the fast-arriving multi-cultural, cross-cultural and transnational communities. This night proudly proclaims to the world the history, vision, goals and future resulting 2008 Beijing Olympics' goal of "One World One Dream." Celebrating the Beijing Olympics That Brings Prestige and Good Luck - PRICELESS.

Prominent Chinese Athletes and Artists at ithe Beijing Olympics
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Opening Ceremonies Great Ratings
NBC's Friday night network broadcast of the Beijing Games opening ceremony averaged 34.2 million viewers, up from the 2004 Athens Games' opening broadcast, which had an average audience of 25.4 million viewers. NBC Universal reported that 69.9 million total viewers tuned in for at least part of the broadcast that ran from 8 p.m. to 11:19 p.m. (EDT/PDT). The 2004 Athens Games' opening broadcast drew 56 million total viewers, and the Atlanta Games broadcast attracted 77 million total viewers. The Beijing broadcast earned an 18.6 national rating, a 27% increase over the Athens Games' 14.6 opening night rating. Atlanta's first- night broadcast earned a 23.6 rating, and the 1984 Games had a 23.9 rating. NBC Universal boasted that Friday night's show was "the highest rated Opening Ceremony for a non-domestic Summer Olympics ever, surpassing the 1960 Rome Games on CBS that delivered an 18.1/36, a record that stood for 48 years. link
Overall Ratings / 30.4 Million Viewers
An average of 30.4 million viewers watched nightly in prime time, according to Nielsen. That exceeds the audience for most airings of Fox's musical smash "American Idol" and is especially impressive considering that, thanks to out-of-town vacations and daylight stretching past 8 p.m. in some areas, fewer people watch television during the summer months than at other times of the year . . . the Beijing Olympics have become, for many viewers, the type of all-consuming addiction seldom seen in modern media, with the online content stoking appetites for TV coverage and vice versa. "We're on pace to be the most-watched Olympics ever," NBC research chief Alan Wurtzel said. link
Internet Influences

With more Internet users (57% of U.S. homes had broadband connections in March 2008, as compared to 31% in December 2004) are capable of watching video streams than ever before - web-savvy fans in particular have embraced the comprehensive coverage. The television coverage may, in fact, be ballasted by the Internet's ability to provide a bottomless well of information for anyone who seeks it. Researchers are using a new technique -- what's called Total Audience Measure index (TAMi) in NBC's corporate jargon -- to track viewers' exposure to various platforms. NBC-Uni has found that "Far from being a cannibalizer, the Internet increases both [viewers' engagement] with TV and their use of it," NBC's Wurtzel said. NBC researchers found that just 4% of viewers who used the Internet said they were watching more Olympics as a result. Monday night that number grew to 25%. " link

156 Million Viewers

NBC estimates that 157 million viewers watched at least some of the coverage spread across its various TV, online or wireless platforms during the first four days in Beijing. NBC's Beijing Olympics website in just four days swept past the entire 2004 Athens Games in every key metric, including page views (291.1 million vs. 229.9 million). link

New Viewers

The Games are spurring TV watching among those who ordinarily would have had their sets switched off. In a research note Tuesday, New York ad firm Magna noted that for Friday's opening ceremony "most of NBC's increased audience came from people that weren't watching TV three weeks ago." link

NBC's Business Success

NBC Universal said that the Olympics would generate at least $1.7 billion in revenue from advertising time and sales of GE industrial products that have been incorporated into Olympic venues. Profit could be more than $150 million. NBC Universal's coverage of the Games has helped GE pry open the potentially vast Chinese market for sales of its lighting, medical equipment, security systems, water treatment technology and wind turbines. NBC Universal is on track to collect more than $1 billion for its commercial time during an unprecedented 3,600 hours of coverage on NBC, its cable channels including MSNBC and USA Network, and website. link

TV Ratings of the Beijing Olympics Review

Opening Ceremonies Averaged 34.2 Million
69.9 Million View Parts of Opening Ceremonies
An average of 30.4 million viewers watched nightly in prime time
Opening Ceremonies Ratings Averaged 34.2 Million
Opening Ceremonies Ratings: 14.6
Initial Ratings: 18.6
Exceeded Most "American Idol" Ratings
Ratings Bonanza Occurred During Summer Months
2008 Oscars Ratings: 31.87M / 10.68 (lowest since 1953) - (
$1.8m per Time Buy for Oscars) - LINK
2008 Grammys: 17.5M / down 2.5M - LINK



BOCOG & USOC's Exclusive Endorsement

Mr. Benjamin Chen (Member of the Event's "Board of Advisosrs") has obtained a rare opportunity to obtain the exclusive event in the United States to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics from the Beijing Olympics Committee (BOCOG) and the United States Olympics Committee (USOC). Part of this was accomplished through his relationships built during his producing involvement with the Special Olympics' "Closing Ceremonies" and "Live Earth" Shanghai. This fact separates itself from other events celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Written documentation is available upon request.

Celebrating a Historic and Important Moment in Time
Lunar New Year Holidays ia known worldwide as an important Chinese holiday where the government provide a time where travelers from China to celebrate the Lunar New Year Holiday. This year is especially significant because it is the first Lunar New Year since the Beijing Olympics - one of the most important event in their and/or their country's lifetime and the easing of visa restrictions that provides greater opportunities for citizens of China to travel to the United States. In keeping with their respective beliefs and dreams of acknowledging the before-mentioned Beijing Olympics, people will be making special plans to gather and celebrate this historic moment for China and everybody affected by China.
Participating Beijing Olympics Participants

In coordination with the above-listed Mr. Benjamin Chen (with his official and direct contact with BOCOG - along with producing the Special Olympics' "Closing Ceremonies" and "Live Earth Shanghai") along with other members of the event's "Board of Advisors" such as Dr. Simon Chang and the above-listed written documentation, unique and direct access to the various Beijing Olympics participants are available. link

Mr. Benjamin Chen

In 1988, Mr. Chen founded C&S Media in Los Angeles with offices in Shanghai and Beijing (China) to engage in film/television projects, cultural exchange between United States and China - along with developing an international promotion business.

He has been involved with more than 300 episode TV programs: “Poison”, “America X” (selected and nominated by Cannes Festival , Telly award “The Best Producer” in U.S.A., 2001) C&S MEDIA had many projects done with major studios such as Universal Studio, Paramount Picture, Shanghai TV Station and China Center TV Station (CCTV). C&S organized 5 US government, economical, and culture delegations to China - On November 14, 2005: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made speech for The Special Olympics in Beijing. This event was sponsored by the client of C&S Media in China. C&S Media organized Hollywood mayor delegation to join the event. Set up the sister and friendship city between Hollywood (U.S.A) and Cixe (China).

His recent activities have included producing the "Twelve Girls Band" PBS Special (see "link" listed below), their recent United States tour, producing "Live Earth" Shanghai and the Special Olympics' "Closing Ceremonies."
link - link - link -

China's Influence and Benefits to the United States

460 of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies have operations in China in 2008

According to a Morgan Stanley report, China's inexpensive goods saved American consumers $100 billion in 2004

China's $1.7 tillion of foreign reserves . . (70% of which are invested in U.S. Treasurey bills) have helped finance American consumption and spending, from financing wars to paying Congressional salaries and writing Social Security checks. More Americans are becoming increasingly uneasy about being so in debt to a "communist" country

300% increase in U.S. exports to China between 2000 and 2007; nearly every U.S. state has reorded triple-digit growth in exports to China since 2000. After Canada and Mexico, China is the third largest export market for the U.S. in 2007.

Increased profits for American companies in China in 2007, U.S. firms bade over $4 billion in profits from their businesses in China, 50% more than a year ago.

Communist or Capitalist or . . .
Today, China describes itself as a "socialist market economy," which means an economy combing a mix of market forces, private enterprise, and significant government control, especially of major industries, which are still owned by the state. Many expert observers acknowledge that today's China is essentially "Communit" only in its form of government in which the state operates under a one-party system - the Chinese Communist Party. Even then, the government is not a monolithic whole but has within it a mix of hard-liners, moderates and progressives. China's political system is also fairly decentralized with the central government lacking the power to force provincial governments to enact or enforce directives.-

Contrary to popular opinion that U.S. firms enter China primarily because of the low production and labor costs, the main attraction for American firms remains access to the 1.3 billion pool of Chinese consumers. As Chinese exports have been getting more expensive and Chinese consumer have more disposable income, American firms are finding it more cost effective to produce and sell in the same market.
among others. link

American Artists
The event has direct access and personal contacts to prominent artists through its "Board of Advisors" and "Consultants" that include Darlene Chan (Producer of Playboy Jazz Festiva, Mercedes-Benz Music Festival, Verizon Music Festival), Benjamin Chen (see above for additional info), Ken Mok (Co-Executive Producer of "Next Top Model"), Morgan Carey (Music Manager and Mariah Carey's brother), Ken Pedersen (former SVP of Virgin Records Worldwide), David Henry Hwang (Prominent Playwright/Aido, Disney's Tarzan, F.O.B.), Ray Murphy (Former President of Eddie Murphy Productions) - among others. link
Fast-Growing Multicultural and Cross-Cultural World
The fast-rising multi-cultural and cross-cultural worlds that will include learning the Chinese (Mandarin) and English languages - along with their cultures - are noted by the statistics listed below. China will soon have more people speaking English than what exists in the United States. The U.S. exhibit fast-growing numbers of interracial marriages (including Chinese/Asian and Americans) that will also be a strategic factor in the merging of these communities. The 2008 Beijing Olympics and its vision is another high-profiled step in the convergense of the Chinese and American communities and cultures.
Minoriities will be 54% of the population by 2050
Minorities will consisit of 235.7M of 439M people in 2050
Minority children will reach 54% by 2023
Hispanic Communities

** ** Population will increase from 15% to 30%

** ** Population will increase from 46.7M to 132.8M People

Black Communities

** ** Population will increase from 14% to 15%

** ** Population will increase from 41.17M to 65.7M People

Asian/Asian Pacific American Communities

** **Population will increase from 5.1% to 9.2%

** **Population will increase from 15.57M to 40.6M People

Working-Age Minority Population

** **Exceed 59% in 2039

** **Exceed 55% in 2050
Fast-Growing Interracial Marriages - link
Many Desire to Learn Mandarin - link
Chinese Government Sending Culture Teachers to U.S. - link
Growing U.S. Enclaves of Chinese (Irvine) - link
More Young Americans Learning Mandarin - link
China's Rapid Rise Spur Americans to Learn Chinese - link
Strong Desire to Learn English - link
Mandarin Speaks to a Growing Audience - link
U.Sl's Presidential Election Features
** Bi-Racial (Black/White) Democratic Party Candidate
** Women Vice-President Republican Party Candiadate


Celebrating the Success of China's Beijing Olympics

Event provides a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity to officially celebrate the success of China on the world stage with the approval of the Beijing Olympics Committee (BOCOG) and United States Olympics Committee (USOC) with prominent participants involved with this event. .

New Wave of Chinese Visitors / Visitors

Travel restrictions was recently lessened as the result of a new agreement between United States and China. As a result - the vent will be working in conjunction with travel agencies who tap into the fast-rising numbers of visotors from China. With U.S. and China loosening up decades-old travel restrictions (April 2008) on the Chinese - economists are predicting that soon a wave of Chinese tourists flush with cash will be arriving on U.S. shores to events such as this one, especially considering that it is also an official celebration of the Beijing Olympics. Expectations will grow significantly when more members of China's emerging middle and upper classes are able to travel to the region for vacations. This is because the Chinese middle class has been accumulating tremendous wealth and are buying houses and cars, and now they want to travel. The Chinese have been closed for so long, they're eager to see the outside world."

With the initial needs to stay in places where people speak their language – this event is ideal. Expecting wealthy minority visitors who live in major urban centers such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to be coming – entertainment, gambling, shopping and traveling will be of great interest. Estimates vary as to how many more Chinese could visit the United States, but most agree it could dwarf the 600,000 travelers who came last year, most with business delegations.

Last year, the United States received only a fraction of the 34 million Chinese who traveled overseas last year, a figure that is expected to increase 10% each year and swell to 100 million by 2020. The group is growing so fast that the Chinese government recently released a guide explaining how Chinese tourists should behave on foreign soil. One suggestion: Do not talk too loud or you'll attract thieves. link - link - link

American and International Audiences
The great ratings gave concrete evidence of the interest of non-Chinese in things related to China. With many American artists finding success in China, with variouss Chinese imports (i.e. Yao Ming, Zhang Yimou, Michelle Yeoh, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Gou Jingjing, Sun Yue, Gong Li, Maggie Q, Ang Lee, John Woo, etc.) becoming household names in the U.S. - there is a fast-growing interest to come together as one community combing various cultures.
link - link< - link/font>
Chinese Audiences Are Fans of American Artists
Chinese audiences are thristy to hear prominent American artists, actors, athletes, etc. In recognition of that, three of the biggest players in the U.S. live entertainment business - Live Nation, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) and Ticketmaster -- have all staked claims in China. Linkin Park (2007), Nine Inch Nails (2007), Roger Waters, the Cure, Christina Aguillar, Muse, Stone Roses' Ian Brown (2006), Beyounce (2008), Public Enemy (2007), New York Dolls (2007), Ramones (2007), II Divo, Gwen Stefani, Renee Fleming (Beijing Olympics), Angela Gheorghiu (Beijing Olympics), Sumi Jo (Beijing Olympics), Marcello Giordani (Beijing Olympics), Salvatore Licitra (Beijing Olympics), Larry Gatline and the Gatlin Brothers, Sarah Brightman (Beijing Olympics), Cincinnati Pops Orchestra (Beijing Olympics) and Jonas Kaufmann (Beijing Olympics)have performed in China. link
Chinese and American Artists on One Stage

International and American audiences have long supported films/television program starring Chinese artists (i.e. Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Sammo Hung, etc.) and actors (i.e. John Woo, Ang Lee, Zhang Yimou, etc.). The success of major American artists (see above) has provided ample evidence that Chinese audiences love American music.

It takes an unique opportunity, support and management to successfully have a concert featuring Chinese and American artists performing together and separately. This event provides the opportunity, AAA Celebrations has the management consisting of people that have worked with major Chinese artists in China/United States and prominent American artists and the general public appears to give all indications that they will long support this multicultural, cross-cultural and transnational entertainment.

"Casino Players"
Recognizing that the 2009 edition of this annual event will be held in a prominent Las Vegas hotel, that year's event is targeting "Casino Players that fit the following descriptions:
** ** Chinese - Along with Asian and American
** ** 'Successful Older Business People ("Old Money")
** ** Young Entrepreneurs/Internet/Online Moguls (Age: 21-28):
** ** Seekers of Quick Individual Fame

** ** Speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English
** ** Travel Consistently Between U.S., Canada, China/Asia & the World
** ** Adept in Chinese and U.S. Business and Personal Cultures
** ** Multi-Cultural, Cross-Cultural and Transnational Demographics
** ** Family, Friends and/or Business Associated Travel with Him
** ** Have Chinese and Multi-Cultural Personal, Social and Business Contacts
** ** Enjoy Chinese and American entertainment and relaxation
** ** Constantly Seeking "Good Luck" and/or "Good Fortune" for Business

Casino Players Motivations

Since gambling is a form of social activity and part of a festive celebration - attending an event officially celebrating the Beijing Olympics provide excellent reasons and prestige to gather since it provides the socialization environment that Chinese casino players seek - along with providing multiple options of entertainment and relaxation at the hotels. Along deepening their friendships, it is a form of business networking or guanxi opportunities that will present itself at this "once-in-a-lifetime" event that brought great prestige to China. Their attendance at this event will provide positive impact considering their general belief in fate, luck, feng shui and karma. Many casino managers, marketers and game designers can devise ways to encourage Chinese gamblers to play more by recognizing these factors

Why would they come? Considering China’s quick transformation to prosperity and its good karma would provide the financial motivation to gamble for money - considering their extended history of experiencing great insecurity caused by political and economic events that shaped their attitudes and behavior. This road to prosperity has fueled the desire for the Chinese to pursue quick individual wealth, which at the same time has created an unequal distribution of wealth. As prosperity spreads, everyone wants to be rich and enjoy the material gains that they were deprived of for so many years; no one wants to lose out. The potential for earning quick wealth may explain why Chinese in the lower social classes engage in gambling activities. Gambling is seen as a shortcut to financial achievement for these Chinese. At the same time, the propensity to take more risk during consumption of goods or services increases among the upper social classes; these Chinese have more money to experiment with new purchases or make different choices. Wealth leads to greater risk appetite, which may develop into an increased appetite to gamble for this group of Chinese.

The belief in (and quest for) monetary gain as a measure of individual success, coupled with `flawed' evaluation of the chances of achieving this goal through gambling, may explain Chinese gambling addiction at the lower social class levels. At higher social class levels, excitement, entertainment and social rather than monetary values may better explain such strong interest in gambling. (a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asianamericanartistry/message/14274" target="_blank">link)

Casino Players' Entertainment Taste

"Casino Players" would welcome the opportunity to be part of an entertainment project that is the only program endorsed by the BOCOG/USOC to celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics in the United States that will provide a "Once-in-a-Lifetime" memories of a night featuring prominent artists from China - along and performing with American artists on the first Lunar New Year Holidays after China's historic proclamation of claiming their place within the international community of countries. These factors could provide them the belief that by participating will bring them good luck in their respective pursuits of fortunes in gambling and business.

“Casino Players” are attracted to prestigious and memorable entertainment experiences that provide relaxation to themselves, their business associates and their families. This would include great music representing their travels in China and the United States represented by prominent artists of Chinese/Asian descent, along with a growing number of American artists.

“Casino Players” are looking for entertainment that would be of great interest to the people traveling with them – such as wives, husbands, children, business associates, friends, etc. that would provide more time for business networking and/or gambling. This could include entertainment that is geared towards concert-goers between the ages of 18 to 25 that would their need for excitement, entertainment and social/network opportunities.

"Casino Players" are appreciative of seeing a program filled pretty actors and models while providing exciting entertainment that provides something more than what they receive in China. Seeing their favorite artists in different and more exciting situations (which could include “meet and greet” with their favorite singers) provides additional motivation to attend this event.

“Casino Players” are a convergence of people who do business in China and the United States, with their tastes reflecting their respective changing backgrounds that reflect the New China – along with the vision of China’s Olympics. This event is targeting that fast-growing “Casino Players” and their respective entertainment needs. The result is that “Casino Players” are staying longer.


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