Hear the Vision and Description Behind AAA Celebrations

Listen to various people who are among the driving forces behind this annually televised American event where Hollywood/Entertainment Industry will be celebrating prominent artists of Asian descent. If the video doesn't open, click HERE

** AAA Celebrations **
One Bold, Brilliant Vision Made With Many Different Simultaneous Colors
Where Hollywood's Best Will Celebrate Prominent Artists of Asian Descent

AAA Celebrations is an annual event where "Hollywood" celebrates prominent artists of Asian (and American) descent in the performing arts and community that transcend boundaries through musical performances. The performances will be edited into an annually televised program that highlights iconic artists with their trail-blazing performances communicating the intersection and creative mergers of fast-approaching multi-culturalal and cross-cultural worlds seen throughout the United States (and other parts of the world).

AAA Celebrations will be the quintessential highlight for a lifetime's endeavor of representing a creative mecca where there are no barriers. At the same time, the annual addition of new names to the roster of Honor recipients charts the standard of excellence and inspiration set by these artists.

The 2016 event (link) will be a time without disappointments and without competition. It will include segments devoted to illuminating the lives and careers of beloved artists/leaders of Asian descent within eight categories - by paying tribute to these preeminent artists with performances by great stars - together and separately - of today who have followed in their footsteps and/or been inspired by their achievements. AAA Celebrations’ persistent artistic vision reverberates as one goal comprised of three simultaneous dreams: diversity, integrity and excellence. 2016's theme is "Transcending Boundaries to be "AMAZING." (link)

“All people, regardless of ethnicity or nationality, are united by a desire to enjoy life, and those desires supersede differences and bind us together." . . . . . . Our goal is to create exciting new universes others can participate in . . . . Celebrating the Artists That Transcend All Obstacles to Be Amazing - "PRICELESS"!

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